Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Reign, Reign, Go Away!" Or "Do As I Say, Not as I Do"

    Ever run into those people who Have to boss everyone around.  Now personally, I do try and stay in control of my situation.   That includes people around  me, but I try not to boss them around to the degree I am referring to.  I'm taking about those people who should have been a Drill Sergeant, Cop, or anything else but what they do already.  People who force their ideas on you, tell you how you need to live your life how they expect it, and never practice what they preach.  It's like anyone who condems someone to hell for having sex before marrage, but then goes to a bar to get wasted.  Yea they are two differant things, however they are still wrong in a Christian sense.  Now I would like to mention I myself am not Christian, but its an example I'm sure alot of us have come accross.  So tell me what you think about these people.  Do they have a right to do this?  Should they all just shut up?  Leave a comment below.

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